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7 Recession-Proof Careers

7 Recession-Proof Careers


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7 Recession-Proof Careers

7 Recession-Proof Careers

This past year has been very tough on many industries. Many people have lost their jobs and are unable to find gainful employment. Unfortunately, no one could have seen this coming, but if you’re looking for a more secure career in the future, there are certain jobs that are more recession-proof than others. 

For those currently deciding what line of work to go into, and job security is at the top of your mind, these are some jobs that are more resilient against recessions


Medical and Healthcare Providers

Society will always need doctors, nurses, medical assistants, and all medical workers and technicians. This doesn’t change even when the economy is bad, people need medical services. 

At least for now, the medical field has a near-impenetrable shield against any forms of recessions. It doesn’t matter if the stock market crashes, or if the GDP grows too slowly, people will get sick, give birth, and accidents will happen. 


IT Workers 

Technology is already heavily implemented in our daily lives, even if it doesn’t advance, there is always a need for people to maintain existing technologyTechnology at workplaces might even be more important than ever during recessions, as companies might decide to automate more processes to cut down overhead costs.


Delivery and Courier Services

As we can see from the current pandemic, courier services are so important, it was already a booming industry before with the emergence of online shopping. Right now, not only can you deliver parcels, but also food, groceries, and all sorts of other household items. This doesn’t change during recessions, people don’t stop ordering household items or deliveries because the economy is bad. 


Teachers and Professors

Regardless of how the economy performs, our children and youths need to attend school, whether in person or virtually, and teachers are needed to deliver lessons. The same goes for professors, universities are not places that might go out of business during bad economic times, so jobs are relatively safe. 


Funeral Directors

As grim as it sounds, people will die regardless of the economic situation, so a career in funeral services is as steady as they come. It’s not the most glamourous job in the world, but it’s important and noble as it gives a proper sendoff to the deceased into the afterlife, and family members get a sense of closure. 


Public Safety

Law enforcement, police, firefighters and any work that maintains public safety are stable and not affected by any recessions. Lives would be at stake should there be mass layoffs in the fire or police departments. Society simply does not function without them. 



Surprised? Don’t be. As long as taxation still exists, accountants will always be needed. In fact, in times of economic turmoil, they play an important role as they’re needed to file taxes, as well as advise on investments and spending in addition to the usual bookkeeping for both individuals and companies. 


What Does Recession-Proof Mean?

There are no jobs with 100% job security, as we have stated above, there are reasons why each of these lines of work might hold much better than other careers during economic recessions, but by no means will you 100% be safe

Don’t be complacent, staying vigilant about your job status can always help you protect your career at any times. 

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