Andy Lim

Group Managing Director

Andy Lim is the founder of IBPO. He started out in the financial industry straight out of high school with one of Asia’s largest outsourcing companies where he was awarded top telemarketer in the company.

Through hard work and persistence, he then went on to amass knowledge in financial investing at one of Malaysia’s largest commercial banks and was ranked one of the top ten mortgage bankers in the company.

Three and a half years later, Andy left to pursue his own dream of starting a financial consultancy. Five years on, from their modest beginnings of 24 employees, Andy has grown IBPO to a full-scale outsourcing company with 60 employees and a multitude of clients.

In total, Andy has 10 years’ worth of experience in financial investing and consultancy. This allows him to provide calculated and well-informed advice to clients in order to realise their financial dreams.