IBPO Capital Limited (Hong Kong) offers a holistic stock market investment service across various international trading platforms including Bursa Malaysia, Hong Kong Exchange, NASDAQ, Dow Jones and S&P. The investment options are carefully selected by our in-house financial traders from a wide variety of industries to cater to our discerning clientele. We believe that by offering our clients the opportunity to trade in overseas markets, we can encourage wealth accumulation with a more attractive compounded annual growth to their current wealth.


We vigorously build a tenacious and calculated trading plan for you which has been stress-tested against diverse shifts in the financial ecosystem. Our trading options are personally crafted to fit your investment needs, be it short term strategies or long term goals. Investing with us, means you always have your investment portfolio updated with the latest information on market trends with the ability to maneuver your trading direction towards the best possible route.


IBPO Capital Limited’s (IBPO Capital) diversified portfolio is managed by its fund managers and offers exclusively curated investment services for its investors. IBPO Capital’s investors will have access to specific markets, industries and fresh businesses as well as a plethora of products that would generally not be available to the general market.


IBPO Capital believes that the stock market is the perfect platform for high investment returns. Their in-house analysts calculate the best compound annual growth for your investment option.


Andy Lim, IBPO Group Managing Director, attending the Asian Financial Forum 2019