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Money Saving Hacks For Households

Money Saving Hacks For Households


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Money Saving Hacks For Households

Money Saving Hacks For Households

Unless you live in a cave with no running water or electricity, chances are every minute you spend at home costs money

Don’t worry, there are always ways to cut down on household spending without compromising on your quality of life. Follow some of our life hacks and watch that bill total go down!


Take Advantage of the Sun

Enjoy Natural Lighting

Malaysia is blessed with an abundance of sunlight, enjoy the natural lighting! Save your lights and lamps for night time when you really need it. If you’re afraid of it getting too hot, invest in translucent thermal curtains which absorb heat from the sun. 


Unplug Your Devices

Pull the Plug

Did you know that electricity still flows even when your device is turned off? One way to stop this is to unplug them when not in use

For computers and laptops, it is also best to turn them off instead of leaving them on standby mode. These might seem like small actions, but they can contribute up to 12% of your electricity bills!


Only Wash When Load is Full

Wash Clothes Only On Full Load to Save Money

The washing machine is an essential household item, especially for larger households, but it uses a lot of energy

It would be unwise to wash small loads with a washer. To cut energy consumption, hand wash anything less than a full load and save up to 50% energy if you really want to wear a particular item of clothing.


Fewer Hot Showers

Fewer Heated Showers Saves Money

Hot water is not cheap! Luckily, our weather is warm all-year round, so cold showers make more sense, no? 

Save that hot shower for cool, rainy days, it will be worth it. 


Hang Dry Your Clothes

Hang Dry Your Clothes, Make Use of Sun's Energy

Dryers are convenient and fast, but if you’re not in a hurry to wear particular garments, the great sunshine can once again save you a ton of energy. As a general rule of thumb, any appliance that creates heat consumes large amounts of energy

In fact, sun-dried clothes give you that fresh laundry smell you don’t get from a dryer. 


Invest in Energy-saving Appliances

Having saved a bit of money from these energy-saving tips, you can also invest some money in low-energy appliances and gadgets. These are investments that will reap you benefits in the long run!

Here are some of the ways you can be smart about machines and gadgets around the house that provide convenience and savings: –


Multi Cooker

Electric Multi Cooker for Easy Cooking

As its name suggests, a multi cooker allows you to cook a variety of food types in different ways; including steamingboilinggrilling, and frying

You can even use it for hotpot and to prepare rice! That’s less money you need to fork out for other cooking essentials. 


Appliances with 5-star Energy Consumption Ratings

5 Star Appliances Saves Energy

Especially for washing machinesair conditioners, and refrigerators! Not only are they more environmentally friendly, they save you a ton from electricity bills

What’s better than saving money? Saving the environment along the way! 


LED or CFL Light Bulbs

LED Lights for Interior Lighting

Changes don’t have to be big, appliances as small as light bulbs can save you a lot in the long run. We cannot live without light bulbs, so it makes sense to utilise bulbs that are efficient and cost-cutting

LED and CFL bulbs are now very common and can be found easily. They save so much more energy than incandescent bulbs, and some say they even have longer lifespans. 


For Home Renters; Rental Appliances

Rental Appliances If You Do Not Plan on Long Term Use

Rental Appliances Can Often Save You Cash If Its Not For Long Term Use

If you are on a short-term lease, perhaps buying large appliances doesn’t make sense

You can rent appliances such as air purifiers, and receive after-sales services from most large scale electronics chains. 


Easier and Better

The best thing about these life hacks are that they not only help you save on energy consumption, they make your life better and easier! Give them a try and find your wallet a little thicker, and your smile a little brighter! 

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