IBPO Group specialises in corporate outsourcing and financial advisory with multiple products to give our clients an intimate attention to their financial needs. We provide comprehensive financial, economic and strategic advice to each client's situation according to the problem they face. Equipped with professional knowledge and expertise, our team is unmatched by other professional firms in Malaysia.

Loan Management Advisory

Personal Loan

IBPO provides advisory services for personal loan products to fulfill our clients' needs with a 70% lower down on the monthly commitment, competitive interest rates and flexible payment options.


Business Loan

IBPO also provides advice on business loan applications should our clients wish to expand their business. A business loan provides additional cash flow for operational expenses, lower down payments and longer repayment terms especially when times are tough.


Commercial Loan 

A commercial loan is the most cost-effective loan option for business owners and is often the ideal solution for obtaining a startup capital. Commercial loans can be used for the acquisition of land, factories or any commercial properties.

Mortgage Refinancing

At IBPO, we can assist you to turn your property assets into quick cash. Our mortgage restructuring and refinancing advice is transparent and straightforward and based on your assessed property, we will offer you the best loan amount we have to offer. Enjoy fast approvals, flexible repayment and the lowest interest rates with our mortgage advisory terms.

Debt Restructuring

Is your company facing debt financing issues? Well worry not, because with IBPO, we will advise you and your corporation of the opportunity to reduce and renegotiate the debt structure to improve liquidity so that your company can resume its operations. With quick approvals, low interest rates and flexible repayment options, your company will be back to its former glory in no time.

We love to get to know our clients first before we start rolling up our sleeves. Here’s a breakdown of how we usually work with clients.


Figure out the root of the problem

We listen and then help pinpoint what your biggest problem area is.


Research and analysis

With our team of experts, we provide a detailed analysis of your problem through current market research.


Apply Solutions

Finally, we come up with solutions to your needs while not forgetting what matters most, the bottom line.

Let us help you!