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i-Personal Financing, Powered by CTOS

i-Personal Financing, Powered by CTOS


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i-Personal Financing, Powered by CTOS

i-Personal Financing, Powered by CTOS

Kuala Lumpur, 2021 – With the integration of eKYC by CTOS, IBPO’s i-Personal Financing is now more accessible and easy to apply.

Along with our official partners at CTOSIBPO Group Berhad is carrying forward the newly revamped i-Personal Financing product. 

Now equipped with the eKYC Customer Verification System by CTOS, applying for personal financing can be done with just a smartphone or a laptop. All you need to do is submit your basic information, snap a photo of your NRIC (front and back,) and take a selfie of yourself. 

The eKYC system will do the rest and confirm your identity on the spot. 

On top of that, i-Personal Financing still boasts exclusive features granted by our partnerships with various banks, making it one of the most affordable and attractive financing options in the market. 


Exclusively Low Interest Rates

Exclusively Low Interest Rate of 3.88% p.a.

Our exclusive partnership deals with a number of globally recognised banks grant us access to low interest rates not found elsewhere. Clients have been known to successfully obtain financing at just a 3.88% p.a. interest rate.


High Approval Rate

High Approval Rate of 72%

Our record for bank approval is upwards of 72%. Clients can be reasonably assured and confident of a successful case with the help of our negotiators and in-house experts. 


In-house Loan Recommendation System

In-house Loan Recommendation System

We utilise our in-house loan recommendation system, as boosted by credit reports by CTOS, to recommend and match each client to loan options that best match their needs and profiles.


Double the Loan Eligibility Amount

Double The Loan Eligibility Amount

With our expert negotiators, we can help clients double their loan eligibility amount, and secure deals that are worth more. 


Fast Lane Approval

Fast Lane Approval

With our status as official partners with various banks, we are in the position of securing bank approvals much faster than usual. No more long and anxious waits to find out if your application has been approved.


Financial Advisory Service

Financial Advisory Service

The i-Personal Financing product comes complete with financial advisory services from one of our expert consultants on how to manage your loan amountbetter repayment methods, and other matters regarding your finances.


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