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Top 5 Free Money Management Apps for Malaysians

Money Management Apps


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Top 5 Free Money Management Apps for Malaysians

Money Management Apps

In today’s world, our smartphones are almost part and parcel of our lives. With the myriad of apps available out there on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, there is no shortage of helpful money management apps to help with budgeting and recording our expenses.

Having too many choices can also be a headache, so which exactly are the simplest and most convenient apps to use? We downloaded and tried a host of free financial apps ourselves so you won’t have to. Here are our top 5 recommendations.

1. Monefy

Monefy App

Monefy’s Dashboard

Open the app, enter the amount you spent, and click on add, that’s the gist of the Monefy expenses tracking app. No longer do you need to write down your daily spendings with paper and pen.

The data you key in can also be synced in between all your smart devices via Google Drive or a Dropbox account. You may also use it as a family budgeting tool since the data can be shared.

The application is extremely simple to use and makes daily budgeting a whole lot easier.

As a bonus, the app is also very easy on the eye, with bright vivid colours and graphs to visually depict your expenses.

Link to App: Click here

2. My Tabung

My Tabung App

MyTabung’s User Interface

A money management app created by Bank Negara for iOS and Android users, this simple-to-use tool allows users to track, record, and income, savings, and expenses.

The app utilises simple graphics to analyse and track your spendings. Being a local app, it is also far easier to personalise and specify your data.

Link to App: Click here

3. Money Manager

Money Manager App

Money Manager’s Transaction List

For a free app, Money Manager allows you to be very specific about your income and expenses. You can divide your income into 5 categories and expenses into 12 categories.

It’s perfect for people who have multiple sources of income and need to record how much money is coming in from each source.  For spendings, you can also save your receipts with the app.

Link to App: Click here

4. Wally

Wally Budgeting App


An all-encompassing budgeting tool and one of the best of the bunch at UI/UX designWally allows users to set up various accounts for different paying methods, from cash, to e-wallets, and gift cards.

On top of that, you can record different types of loans you have taken, track expenses, set savings targets, make lists, save receipts and set reminders for bills. All the data will be presented in a timeline feed or in calendar form so you don’t lose track.

The only con being you may have to subscribe to its premium service for extensive features such as historical insightsadvanced budgeting and account linking.

Link to App: Click here

5. Pocket Expense with Sync

Pocket Expense with Sync UI

Pocket Expense with Sync

The most attractive feature of this app is the ability to link multiple bank accounts for free. Most apps don’t even offer bank account syncing for free, not to mention linking multiple accounts.

Users can keep track of their bills and expenses like all the other apps on the list, but will have to pay for unlimited transactions as there’s a quota for how many transactions you may add into the app. Alternatively, you’ll have to consistently delete past expenses to make room for new ones.

Hey, you can’t expect to have everything for free, programmers worked hard to create apps!

Link to App: Click here

Your Thoughts?

Have you tried using any of the money management apps above? Do you know of any better ones? Do share it with us!

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