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Top 6 Sites for Freelancers in Malaysia

6 Sites for Freelancers in Malaysia


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Top 6 Sites for Freelancers in Malaysia

6 Sites for Freelancers in Malaysia

A bit of extra money never hurt anyone, especially in the current economic climate. More and more people are jumping on freelancing opportunities. 

Do you have an extra set of skills you can utilise to earn money outside of your full time job? It’s now easier than ever to join the ever-growing gig economy, where you set your own prices and accept jobs at your own pace. 


Graphic Design Freelancer

Here are a few websites most freelancers find themselves started off from, some cater to a large group of freelancers, while some are for more niche markets


eRezeki by MDEC 

MDEC eRezeki Malaysian Freelancing Portal

eRezeki is a portal created by the Malaysia Economic Development Corporation (MDEC) Sdn Bhd. The portal is set up mainly for individuals in the B40 category, aiming to help households earning less than RM 4,000 per month find side income. 

Users only have to sign up and list their skills. The website algorithm will match them with the right jobs according to their skillsets. Most jobs consist of simple tasks such as photo-tagging and data entry, giving everybody a chance at taking up a side job.



fiverr Freelancing Platform

Fiverr is a free platform for businesses to find skilled freelancers, and is usually the go-to place for anyone looking for freelance talent. 

The principle is simple, freelancers who sign up can make their profiles and portfolios as attractive as possible to entice potential employers. List the categories of jobs you specialise in, and the prices you charge. Much like in the employment market, you’ll have to stand out among your competitors. 

The down side is that Fiverr takes 20% from the total charges as commission but payment is made in USD, which can make up for it when you convert it into MYR Logo Freelancing Platform is similar to Fiverr but with small twists. Instead of employers looking for hired hands, it is the other way around. 

Employers create profiles and post jobs that freelancers can bid for, of course, the bidders must make attractive proposals to be chosen. They then pick the bid they like the most and give the job away.  

Free users get 8 bids per month, but you can pay between USD 2 to USD 50 to upgrade bids with highlights or to shoot up to top spot. Like Fiverr, a 20% commission applies



Upwork Freelancing Platform

Upwork is another platform that functions similarly to Fiverr and

However, it has a tier service fee model, meaning they take less from freelancers who charge higher. 

20% charge is applied to the first USD 500, dropping to 10% for prices between USD 501 to USD 10,000, and 5% for charges above that. Meaning as you work your way up and enjoy increased demand, you can also increase your prices to keep more of what you make.


More Niched Platforms


Pet Services Freelancer Malaysia

Who Knew Taking Care of Furbabies Can Be A Freelance Job!

If you love animals and have experience handling them, then JomPaw might suit you. You’ll get to work as a pet sitter for busy pet parents.

Of course, they don’t let just anyone do it, you’re required to have at least basic knowledge about pet grooming and care, because you’ll be tasked with walking, training, grooming, and even transporting fur babies. 

Depending on the tasks you take up, you can make up to RM 1,000 per month on top of meeting a bunch of furry new friends!



Rtist Malaysian Creative Freelancer Platform

While Fiverr is a general freelancing platform, Rtist caters towards creative work. Better yet, it is a local platform, meaning you won’t have to compete with any foreign talents. 

Rtist is useful for any creative individuals looking to make a name for themselves in Malaysia as you can put yourselves out there for companies looking for talents on demand. 

It’s a good way of establishing networks with local companies that might lead to future opportunities.

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